The Ex Hoc Infrastructure Framework – Enhancing Traffic Safety through LIfe Warning Systems

New pervasive computing technologies for sensing and communication open up novel
possibilities for enhancing traffic safety. We are currently designing and implementing the Ex Hoc
infrastructure framework for communication among mobile and stationary units including
vehicles. The infrastructure will connect sensing devices on vehicles with sensing devices on other
vehicles and with stationary communication units placed alongside roads. The current application
of Ex Hoc is to enable the collection and dissemination of information on road condition through
LIfe Warning Systems (LIWAS) units.

Klaus Marius Hansen, Lars M. Kristensen, Toke Eskildsen, Kenneth-Daniel Nielsen, Rolf E. Thorup, Jack Fridthjof, Ulrik Merrild, and Jørn Eskildsen

Danske Keywords:
it-i-alting, trafiksikkerhed, ad hoc-netværk, LIWAS, Ex Hoc

Engelske Keywords:
pervasive computing, traffic safety, ad hoc networks, LIWAS, Ex Hoc


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