Implementation of CVIS ITS appliactions in a driving simulator

In order to test an IVIS (In-Vehicle Information System) in a simulated environment a concept for using CVIS (Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System) based application in a driving simulator is proposed. The system provides the application, an incident warning application, with position data for the simulated vehicle and data regarding the road network. For the test described here, an existing demonstrator application for a real vehicle was modified to accommodate the needs of the simulator. The core functionality for the application remained the same as for the real life system, while components providing positioning and incident data were changed. This paper describes the technical implementation of the system and outlines some of the experience gained from the test. It also gives a presentation of the importance of testing cooperative systems in a simulated environment.

Kenneth Sørensen, SINTEF

Danske Keywords:
CVIS, kjøresimulator, samvirkende systemer, testing av programvare

Engelske Keywords:
CVIS, driving simulator, cooperative systems, software testing


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